24. září 2003

International Radio Competition for Young Musicians Under the auspices of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) Member of the European Union of Music Competitions for Youth (EMCY)

Czech Radio invites applications for 39th annual edition of the International Radio Competition for Young Musicians CONCERTINO PRAGA 2004

Item 1
The competition is open for soloists in the following categories:

Item 2
The competition is open to young musicians born on or later than September 1, 1986. Candidates shall present themselves on recordings submitted by Radio Broadcasting Organizations. The recordings shall be made as live recordings without any subsequent editing.

Item 3
State and public Radio Broadcasting Organizations from one country may delegate only one candidate in each category. If some of the categories is not entered into, an extra entrant is allowed for another category (maximum number of applicants is 5). Candidates to be judged in the competition shall be selected by respective Radio Broadcasting Organizations.

Item 4
Candidates from the Czech Republic shall be selected in the National Radio Competition Concertino Praga for participation in the International Radio Competition for Young Musicians.

Item 5
The Organizers shall have the right to list entries of
a) members of EMCY;
b) individual constituent parts of countries with a federal set-up.

Item 6
Deadline for submitting applications: April 30, 2004.
Deadline for sending recordings: August 31, 2004.

Item 7
The competition performance of each individual candidate shall be recorded on a single tape, or possibly on a single DAT cassette or a CD-R disc. The stereo recording shall be made on a professional level, in case of a tape on one track at the speed of 38 cm/s or 19 cm/s, the obligatory and optional compositions shall be visibly separated from one another.

Item 8
Every recording shall contain the accompanying form filled in as appropriate. Each candidate shall receive the form from the Competition Secretariat upon submitting the entry application.

Item 9
Every entry shall consist of the following recordings:
a)the rendition of an obligatory composition.
The obligatory compositions are:

Otmar Mácha: Variations for Flute and Piano

Luboš Sluka: Three Compositions for Oboe and Piano (1st and 3rd part)

Josef Páleníček: Little Suite (2nd and 3rd part)

French Horn:
Miloslav Ištvan: Suite for French Horn and Piano

Jan Hanuš: Improptus, Op. 45

The sheet music for the obligatory compositions are available on request from the Secretariat of Concertino Praga.
b)the rendition of a free optional programme, i.e. two or more optional compositions lasting 10-15 minutes in total. The candidates are advised to select optional compositions from different style periods and select at least one from the standard concert repertoire. The optional entries may include compositions for a solo instrument (maximally 1) or a solo instrument accompanied by piano.

Item 10
The performances of the participants will be judged by an international jury in November 2004. Its chairman and members will be appointed by the organizer from amongst leading artists and music teachers. Each member of the jury shall learn and observe the code of procedure. The jury will set criteria for evaluation. Evaluation will be in points, the verdict is based on the number of points collected. In case of an identical number of points so gathered, the members of the jury shall decide by voting under the code of procedure. The jury meets behind closed doors. Appointed employees of Czech Radio are entitled to attend sessions of the jury.

Item 11
The jury will award the first and second prizes (only two permitted) per each category. The winners will be declared "Laureate of Concertino Praga" and shall defend the title in a public concert of laureates in June 2005 in the Czech Republic. The jury may, upon its sole discretion, award honorary citations to entrants with the next-best number of points. The musician to win the highest number of points of all entrants will receive the Helena Karaskova Prize. The verdict by the jury is irrevocable.

Item 12
The competition is strictly anonymous. The jury will judge all entries under their serial numbers. It shall learn the names, age and nationality of the players only after it will have established their rank (after prizes and honorary citations have been awarded).

Item 13
The Secretariat will notify all participating broadcasting organizations of the results not later than on December 15, 2004.

Item 14
The winners of the first and second prizes will be invited to appear in concerts in Prague and at the South Bohemian Festival of Concertino Praga (in June 2005) to defend the primacy of their recording entries. Czech Radio - on the recommendation of the jury - will arrange for an orchestral accompaniment for common concert repertoire and piano accompaniment for chamber music.

Item 15
Czech Radio will contact EBU to offer live or deferred transmission coverage of the concerts. Upon request, it will provide copies of sound recordings, awarded the first and second prizes.

Item 16
Czech Radio will refund:
a) financial rewards, travel expenses and sojourn of the jury
b) travel and lodging expenses of winners and escorts (i.e. to the editor of the delegating Broadcasting Organization) in Prague and at the South Bohemian Festival Concertino Praga (The pedagogical escort of the participants of the concert of laureates and of the South Bohemian Festival Concertino Praga will be organized by the delegating Broadcasting Organization solely from amongst the radio employees or permanent co-operators. The participation of relatives or teachers cannot be accepted as a substitute.)
c) the costs of public concerts.

Item 17
The costs of making entered recordings shall be paid by the respective Broadcasting Organization having made them.

Item 18
Laureates appearing at the concert in Prague and at the South Bohemian Festival are not entitled to financial rewards.

Item 19
By making an application to participate in Concertino Praga, the Broadcasting Organization and the entrants whose performance is to be judged undertake to conform with the conditions herein contained.

Item 20
The said conditions are available in Czech and in English. In case of doubt, the Czech version shall prevail.

This event is organized and supervised by the Secretariat of the International Radio Competition for Young Musicians Concertino Praga.

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